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How to make form in HTML?

Hello Friends here you can learn how to make form in html and how to create table for the rander form data. So let’s the start how can do it.

Form in HTML

Websites are a compilation of HTML Documents i.e. Webpages. And an HTML document is made up of many HTML elements. This includes Headings, Paragraphs, Lists, Images etc.

Apart from these, there are many other important HTML elements too. Including an HTML Form Element. In this tutorial, we will give you complete information about HTML Form Element. You will know how to make a form from HTML? This lesson is divided into small parts for convenience.

Introduction to HTML Forms

HTML Forms are used to get information from users. This information may include feedback, personal information, messages, complaints or other suggestions.

You will find HTML Forms in many forms in Websites. You can see these as Sign Up Forms, Log in Forms, Payment Details Forms, Survey Forms etc. Do you know that Google’s Search Box is also an HTML Form?

In the forms, the necessary information is filled by the users. And this information is sent to the server. From where webmasters can access it.

Information about all Form Elements

HTML Forms are defined by Form Element. Form works like a container tag. Within which Forms are created by defining other Form Elements. Apart from the Form Element, there are also many other important Form Elements. Which are being told below.

First open your code editor and select new file and save it with filename.html after this press the shift+1 and your html syntax automatically generate this feature in Visual Studio Code editor. After this put the div tag <div></div> in this tag give the class and class name is .form like <div class=”form”> and now make some fields for get the user value fields name is like Name, Email,Password.

Input – Input Element is the second Required Element of HTML Form. Various types of Data Fields are defined in the Form by Input

Element. Whose type Attribute determines.

Select – A drop-down list is defined in the form from the Select Element. More information than this is contained in one field itself.
textarea – By the way, Text Fields can be defined by Input Element. But, Multiline Data Fields can be defined only by the textarea element. Because only single-line data fields can be created from the input element.

Key Attributes of Form Elements

With Form Tag you can define Global Attributes and Event Attributes. Because Form Tag supports Global and Event Attributes.

Apart from these two, some Attributes can be defined only in Form Tag, which are called Element-specific Attribute. Which are being told below.

Action – After the user submits the form, the action you want to get done from the server is defined by the action attribute.
Method – The method with which you want to submit the Form Data is defined by the Method Attribute. If your data includes sensitive or personal information, then you should define the post method. Otherwise you can use Get Method.
Target – The window in which you want to open the Result Page is defined by the Target Attribute.

Creating an HTML Form
By now you know that HTML Form is defined by Form Element. And now we are going to tell how to create an HTML Form. Before creating HTML Form, we are giving you information about Form Syntax. So that you can create HTML Form properly.

Defining HTML Form

Now we will create an HTML Form. This is a simple HTML Form. Which has been created just for the sake of understanding you. Write the HTML code given below in a text editor like Notepad or copy and paste it and save it as form.html.

Here we make the some code with using html like div with class under this give the title name and make some input’s like. title Name, <input type=”text”>, title Your Email, <input type=”email”>. After make one textarea like. title Message, <textarea col=”3″ row=”3″></textarea> and make a button like. <button>Send</button>. This is only html code for make a form structure. It is make for designing purpose because here not used any javascript code or php code for properly work it.

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form in html

How to Design

If you want to design form in html then you can design with multiple way’s.

1.Inline CSS

2.Internal CSS

3.External CSS

1.Inline CSS

If you want to use inline css then you don’t make easy and not get all form designing this type css only can use some little tags like if you want to do center heading in html then you can write the css code with style property and if you make more design on the form in html the choose the two or three methods it is easy and fast and your browser read the code easily.

2.Internal CSS

So we are used internal css and here you can make the beautiful design and create multiple properties it is very used on the projects.

This is css make the attractive design and make the best design form in html with css first you can put style tag like <style></style> with open and closed elements and put the * element and we are give the margin 0, padding 0, and border-sizing border-box, after this

give the body tag like body{} in this tag put display-flex and justify-content center, then align-item center, min-height 100vh, background color you want then put. After this give the form class from you div tag like .form{} then make the width 500px, and height 600px and make bg color depend of you want it. Now get the heading tag for title and make some design like. font-size 20px, and font-family poppins, sans-sarif, After give the input tag in css like. input{} in this tag make width and height and outline none, font-size 16px, padding-left 10px. I hope you understand this and yiu can make easily.

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